Street Talk is a video series on our YouTube channel that features interviews with experts working on issues of urban violence and related topics around the world.

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Past episodes:

Ep. 10 – Dr. Ashley Jackson: Civilian-Insurgent Relations in Afghanistan

Ep. 9 – Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah: Street Gangs and Marginal Youth in Sierra Leone

Ep. 8 – Dr. Anna Sergi: Shedding light on the ‘Ndrangheta

Ep. 7 – Abdul Basit: Urban Terrorism & Militancy in Afghanistan

Ep. 6 – Sudhir Selvaraj: Violence against Christians in Karnataka, India

Ep. 5 – Prof. Muhammad Kamal Uddin: Police violence in South Asia: Views from Bangladesh

Ep. 4 – Lib Peck & Lauren Ricketts: London’s Violence Reduction Unit

Ep. 3 – Luciano Pollichieni: The COVID-19 Unrest in Italy

Ep. 2 – Oluwole Ojewale: Protests and Police Violence in Nigeria

Ep. 1 – Prof. Lucia Dammert: Chile, one year after the protests