Jutta Bakonyi

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United Kingdom
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Durham Global Security Institute, University University

United Kingdom
Research Profile

My research concentrates on violent conflicts and wars, state dynamics, military and non-military interventions and post conflict reconstruction. Currently I explore the relations between violence and cities focusing on three areas: (1) taking a global perspective and building on global ethnography I comparatively explore the role violence plays in the emergence of urban ‘Badlands’ and the stigmatization of the Badland’s inhabitants; (2) I look into war induced urbanisation in Somalia from the viewpoint of the most vulnerable city newcomers, that is people who were displaced and moved into cities in search of safety and humanitarian support. This project is methodologically explorative as it combines visual and narrative approaches to explore sites that are not accessible to ethnographic research; (3) I currently start a new project that looks into the localization and materialization of international relations in urban infrastructures. In particular, I investigate how increased (global) connectivity through ports, roads and ICT infrastructures shapes urban politics in the Horn of Africa and I explore the differentiated impact these infrastructures have on the everyday of urban residents.

Eastern Africa
German, English

• Bakonyi, J., Chonka, P., & Stuvøy, K. (2019). War and city-making in Somalia: Property, power and disposable lives. Political Geography, 73, 82-91: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.polgeo.2019.05.009
• Bakonyi, Jutta (2019). Failing States and Statebuilding. In Understanding Global Politics: Actors and Themes in International Affairs. Larres, Klaus & Wittlinger, Ruth Routledge.
• Bakonyi, Jutta (2018). Der Alltag des Krieges. Herrschaftserfahrungen in Somalia (English: The War Everyday: Experiencing Authority in Somalia). Mittelweg 36. Zeitschrift des Hamburger Institutes fuer Sozialforschung 27(2): 32-57.
• Bakonyi, Jutta (2018). Seeing like Bureaucracies: Rearranging Knowledge and Ignorance in Somalia. International Political Sociology 12(3): 256-273.
• Impact and Research Briefs on Urbanisation and Displacement: https://securityonthemove.co.uk/publications/