Juan Vargas

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Universidad del Rosario

Research Profile

Political economy and development, focusing particularly on the causes and consequences of violent armed conflict, the economics of crime and the interplay between political and economic institutions

Latin America, Colombia
English, Spanish, Italian

"Endogenous Taxation in Ongoing Internal Conflict: The Case of Colombia", forthcoming, American Political Science Review (with R. Ch, A. Steele and J. Shapiro)

"Does the Unemployment Benefit Institution affects the Productivity of Workers? Evidence from the field", Management Science Vol. 63(11), p. 3691-3707 (with M. Blanco and P. Dalton)

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"The Need for Enemies", Economic Journal Vol. 126 (593): 1018-1054 (with L. Fergusson, J. Robinson and R. Torvik)

"Inequality, Crime, and the Long Run Legacy of Slavery" forthcoming Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (with P. Buonanno)

"Economic Shocks and Crime: Evidence from the Crash of Ponzi Schemes", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Vol. 131: 263-275 (with. D. Cortés and J. Santamaría).

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