Gareth A. Jones

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United Kingdom
Professor of Urban Geography and Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LSE)
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London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

United Kingdom
Research Profile

My current research involves three principal projects. First, research that follows the intersection of cities, youth and violence in Mexico. Through the 2000s, I conducted ethnography with a group of ‘street youth’ in Puebla, noting how they related to civil society groups, security agencies and the wider state. This work included understanding the role of gangs, the drug economy and violence, and motivated the volume Youth Violence in Latin America: Gangs and juvenile justice in perspective (edited with D. Rodgers, Macmillan-Palgrave). I am presently involved with a five-year European Research Council project, directed by Professors Dennis Rodgers (Graduate Institute, Geneva) and Steffen Jensen (Aalborg), entitled Gangs, Gangsters, and Ganglands: Towards a Global Comparative Ethnography, for which I serve on the International Advisory Panel and will return to Mexico for new fieldwork.

Second, I have been Co Principal Investigator on an ESRC-NWO-DFG grant, with Professors Rivke Jaffe (Amsterdam) and Eveline Durr (LMU), investigating the commodification of urban poverty and violence in four cities in the Americas: Kingston, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. See
The research has looked at how inequality, represented through violence and poverty, has become a chic USP for certain communities and operators, sometimes incorporated in to city branding, but often highly contested by residents and activists.

Third, research on gated communities in South Africa has considered how research has considered how estates ‘do work’ to affirm class positions, associating exclusionary practices with ‘good governance’, the management of nature, and the symbolism of architecture and lifestyle. Research in Johannesburg follows how residents of a large township adjacent to a cluster of high-end estates gain skills and conduct labour, and how the estates organise and understand their social responsibilities to workers and neighbours. These projects are in collaboration with Richard Ballard at University of Witswatersrand.

Latin America, Brazil, Ghana, Mexico, South Africa
English, Spanish

Select publications:

Jaffe, R; Dürr, E.; Jones, G.A.; Angelini, A.; Osbourne, A.; and, Vodopivec, B. (forthcoming) What does poverty feel like? Urban inequality and the politics of sensation, Urban Studies.

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