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Teun Voeten

Leiden University

Research Interests:

I studied cultural anthropology in Leiden after which I worked for 30 years as a war photographer and journalist I wrote books on the underground homelsse in New York and the war in Sierra leone, I covered the drug violence in Mexico both as a photographer and researcher, resulting in a PhD thesis at Leiden University, defended and approved 20 September 2018.

Zoha Waseem

King's College London

United Kingdom
Research Interests:

Policing, Militarisation, Religious and Political Violence, Karachi

Michael Weintraub

Universidad de los Andes and Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

Research Interests:

My research agenda focuses on crime and political violence in Latin America, particularly in Colombia, Central America, and Mexico. I am also interested in historical legacies of violence and how they affect contemporary outcomes. To study these and other topics I use a combination of experimental and quasi-experimental methods, as well as qualitative case studies. While I wrote my dissertation on Colombia, and live in Bogotá, I have expanded my geographic focus to Mexico and the three countries in the so-called "Northern Triangle" of Central America: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Prior to graduate school, I worked for three years on human rights and development, primarily in East and Southern Africa.

James Windle

University College Cork

Research Interests:

My primary research focus has been on illicit drug markets, illicit enterprise, street gangs, organized crime and the history of prohibition. I am author of Suppressing Illicit Opium Production: Successful Intervention in Asia and the Middle East (IB Taurus, 2016) and editor of Historical Perspectives on Organized Crime and Terrorism (Routledge, 2018) an edited volume based upon the premise that historical accounts of organized crime and terrorism offer critically important lessons for understanding and responding to contemporary threats and phenomena.

Sonja Wolf


Research Interests:

Migration, Displacements, Refugees; Crime, Violence; Street Gangs; Security Policy

Charlotte Wrigley-Asante

University of Ghana

Research Interests:

In the past few years, I have been working on urbanization, crime and security issues in cities. Specifically, I have been focusing on the gender dimensions of crime and safety issues in urban public spaces, particularly in low income neighbourhoods. Also, trying to unravel some of the factors contributing to the gendered patterns of crime. In future I would want to focus on security issues in women dominated-urban spaces and then would want to research into gender-based violence particularly among children in cities.

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